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                Home >> Hot news >> Ma Huateng: the rise of China's Internet companies rely mainly on Innovation
                Ma Huateng: the rise of China's Internet companies rely mainly on Innovation
                Published:12/9/2015 3:23:51 PMViews: 5326
                Not long ago, the Boston Consulting Company (BCG) will Tencent ranked as the most innovative company China enterprises ranked first, the chairman of the board of directors Ma Huateng then topped the seventeenth China patent award.
                According to Zhejiang Online reported that the Second World Conference on the eve of the Internet, Ma Huateng accepted an interview, he believes that the rise of Chinese Internet companies, the most important reason is based on local consumer innovation. That is to fully understand the characteristics and development of Chinese users, the development of a truly suitable for Chinese Internet users and services, and continuously to produce value.
                He stressed that innovation is not 'Hyun technology, nor is it a hot spot for the manufacture of a moment, put forward a few catch the eye of the concept, but to solve the problem on the ground to stick.
                So, what is the innovation idea of Tencent?
                Ma Huateng answered, "we used the 'Nautilus' representative Tencent innovation view." The Nautilus sink in the sea, the growth of screw positions gradually increased, in order to Luo Bin inflatable, surfaced. "We take this biological characteristics and spiral shape, a symbol of Tencent's innovative concept - not blind, step by step, spiral development."