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                Home >> Hot news >> Ma Yun: if the earth is sick, no one will be healthy.
                Ma Yun: if the earth is sick, no one will be healthy.
                Published:12/9/2015 3:23:07 PMViews: 5218
                Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group invited to address the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Ma Yun said: today, we should not argue over who is right or wrong, who should take more responsibility! Today, we should talk about who has better ways to share. If the earth is sick, no one will be healthy. Ma Yun speech on the day of the global climate change in Paris, the day of action, is the most important in addition to the national government negotiations, a forum, Ma Yun is the day in the general assembly, the only Chinese entrepreneurs. Less than a week ago, Ma teamed up with Bill Gate, Zuckerberg and other 27 top global entrepreneurs to launch a clean energy program, the program will invest billions of dollars in clean energy research and development, collection of government and corporate power, found in addition to wind, solar energy outside more than zero carbon emissions, from technology to find more ways to stop global warming.