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                Home >> Industry trends >> Su Ning to engage in the "rural version of the dual 12" 1000 service stations to participate
                Su Ning to engage in the "rural version of the dual 12" 1000 service stations to participate
                Published:12/9/2015 3:21:23 PMViews: 5247
                Suning's dual 12 big promotion will be carried out in December 13th to December 9th. Su Ning said that this year's activities include more overseas and domestic specialty. Suning will rely on more than 1000 nationwide Suning Tesco service station to create "12 rural dual version". In the double 12 period, Suning Tesco on black, ice wash, air conditioning, kitchen, etc. 3C single commodity full cut, supermarket, maternal beauty, department stores and other non electrical category can be filled by the cross shop. This is the first direct for the three or four and the rural areas to promote the development of the user.